Monthly Archives: September 2009

What’s in a Name?

I remember a poignant scene from the movie What’s Love Got to Do With It? where Tina Turner is divorcing Ike Turner and she’s willing to give up everything as long as she gets to keep her name. œAll I want is my name, she said proudly. Her name meant more to her than all her riches or her royalties. I sat there watching this scene thinking would I do that? Would I give up everything for my name?

Toilet Humor

I know I can’t stop using the office bathroom. I don’t have the ability to hold it like some of my more skillful friends. The only thing I can do is to treat it like an expedition to an uncivilized country and to do what all explorers have learned to do: expect the unexpected.

Life and Death: The Vietnamese Way

On occasion, the accompanied letter would sometimes describe grief stricken family members trying to crawl in the casket of the deceased. Whenever we got those letters, it would always spark a debate among the children as who in the family would be the casket crawler. Somehow I was always chosen being that I have a flair for the dramatics.

The Weiner Circle

A Weiner Circle from  This American Life  

Chris Ware, This American Life

Illustrated segment of This American Life  with Chris  Ware  

Tobias Wolff

Author Tobias Wolff reading an excerpt from  his book, The Benefit  of the Doubt.